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CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS COURSE NO.: CHEG5301 STUDENT: ___________________ COURSE: Thermodynamics INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Anderson SUBJECT: Problem Set 05 DUE: Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 1. A salesperson reports that a steam turbine delivers 3800 hp. The steam enters the turbine at 100 psia, 500 ° F and leaves the turbine at a pressure of 2 psia. The rate of steam flow is 30,000 lb m /hr. (a) How do you evaluate this claim? (b) Suppose the steam flow rate was 34,000 lb m /hr; does that change your evaluation? 2. Three identical 5-kg blocks of metal are available. Each has a constant heat capacity of 0.3 kJ/kg-K. Initially, they are at temperatures of 200, 300, and 400K. (a) If no net heat or work interactions are allowed between the blocks and the environment, what is the maximum temperature that one can reach in any one of the blocks? (b) Under similar restraints as in (a), what is the minimum temperature that one could attain? 3. A well-insulated (adiabatic) chamber consists of two parts which are separated by an extremely thin partition. The first chamber contains carbon dioxide, 0.5 lit/gmol at 420K.
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