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CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS COURSE NO.: CHEG5301 STUDENT: ___________________ COURSE: Thermodynamics INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Anderson SUBJECT: Problem Set 08 DUE: Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2008 1. Nitrogen and hydrogen are mixed in a steady flow adiabatic process in the ratio of 4 lb m of hydrogen per 1 lb m of Nitrogen. They hydrogen enters at 150 kPa and 40 ° C and the nitrogen at 150 kPa and 270 ° C. The pressure is 120 kPa after mixing. Find the final temperature of the mixture and the net entropy change per lb m of mixture. Assume ideal gas behavior. 2. One mole of a binary gas mixture containing components 1 and 2 at 40 ° C is confined to a constant-volume container. Compute the composition of this mixture which gives the maximum pressure. Assume that the virial coefficients beyond the second may be neglected. At 40 ° C the following second virial coefficients are reported. B 11 = - 125.0 B 12 = - 37.5 B 22 = - 75.0
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