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Personality Assesment And Theories

Personality Assesment And Theories - Personality Assesment...

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Personality Assesment And Theories Personality Assessment and Theories The Psychodynamic Theory of personality assessment is a psychological approach to personality assessment which is based on the measurement of the unconscious thought, feelings and the human motives. It also measure conflicts. It assesses this by the projective tests and personal interview methods. The assessments are usually made by establishing standard criteria, so as to ensure a reliable and valid measurement. The information gathered is usually used in areas like clinical researches, education e .t .c. Humanistic Theory is a theory that approach personality assessment by using the objective test and the personal interviews to assess each human personality. The trait theory believe that the root of personality is related some dispositions within the each individual and these are largely responsible for the various personalities such as the way each of us think , feel and act . It makes use of objective test to analyses and determines the test. The
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