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I. On June 14, the White House will issue a new set of rules that strongly discourages employers from cutting health insurance benefits or increasing the costs of coverage to employees and administration. Many employers want the exemption because it allows them to keep their health plans intact with very little changes. Under the rules, a health insurance plan can lose its exemption if it eliminates all benefits for a particular condition or if it increases deductibles or co-payments by more than the rate of medical inflation plus 15 percentage points. Some health plans require people to pay a percentage of the
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Unformatted text preview: bill, rather than a fixed dollar amount. A health plan wouldn’t follow the rules if it eliminated coverage for services needed to treat a certain condition. II. Changing the health plan rules are not going to be okay at all. If this really displeases the employees of the U.S., then why would the white house want to issue a new set of rules. If the current rules are okay with the people, why tether with it. In my opinion, I believe that they shouldn’t have made a new set of rules....
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