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Article IX - savings that would help offset the cost of...

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I. On July 7 th , 2010, the senate found out that Pharmaceutical companies are running a plan know as “pay for delay” which enables them to pay generic companies in order to delay their sell of cheaper medicines. With billions of dollars at stake and neither company certain how it might fare in court, a brand-name manufacturer might prefer to pay its potential competitor substantial compensation to delay its generic drug and the generic maker might welcome a hefty payoff rather than face the uncertainties of litigation and marketing. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that the provision would reduce the federal deficit by $2.6 billion over the next 10 years, providing useful if modest
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Unformatted text preview: savings that would help offset the cost of domestic programs in the bill, such as emergency support to local school districts to prevent teacher layoffs. It would end an underhanded practice, reduce the deficit slightly and save consumers billions of dollars. II. This is wrong for companies trying to do this to the American People. These drugs do not come cheap and if the big companies don’t do anything about it, then it is up to the generic companies to lower the prices. In this time of age, we need to be frugal so buying the cheap generic brands would help the people a whole lot....
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