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Article VI - hawks who eagerly participated in digging the...

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I. On June 29, 2010, the House of Representatives in Washington passed a six- month extension as part of a broader spending bill in May. However, the Senate has not been able to pass a similar bill. The House stripped a provision for $24 billion in state fiscal aid from its earlier spending bill. The Senate included state aid in its ill-fated bill to extend unemployment benefits; when that bill failed, the promise of aid vanished as well. The situation cries out for policies to support economic growth, specifically jobless benefits and fiscal aid to states. Today, many deficit
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Unformatted text preview: hawks who eagerly participated in digging the deficit ever deeper during the George W. Bush years are not interested in the same approach. II. I really can’t believe that congress has done this, they shouldn’t be spending even more money. It seems like Congress is just passing bill to help themselves, then passing bills to help the people. Government can’t keep doing this or we’ll just be back in the same boat we were already in....
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