Article VII - Top, which rewards states promising to...

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I. On Tuesday July 1, 2010, the House of Representatives approved a war- spending bill with a provision that would include $10 billion to help school districts avoid educator layoffs, paying for the effort. The White House said in a statement that if the final bill included cuts to education reforms, Mr. Obama would most likely veto it. Using stimulus money voted on last year, the Department of Education awarded $500 million to Tennessee and $100 million to Delaware in March, and has promised to distribute the $3.4 billion that remains among additional winning states this year. Several charter school and other advocacy groups lobbied fiercely against cutting Race to the
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Unformatted text preview: Top, which rewards states promising to overhaul teacher evaluation systems and shake up school systems in other ways. II. I believe this bill is good because it will finally give the schools money that they got taken from them in the past. Schools had to make cut backs that included cutting clubs, sports and other after school programs. Although I am against this because it is supporting the war, this bill will do good by getting back all of the after school programs that school across America have lost in the past....
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Article VII - Top, which rewards states promising to...

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