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Article X - lower rate raising pressure on the House to...

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I. On July 25, 2010, the House approved a six-month plan to prevent a steep cut in doctors’ fees paid by Medicare . Ms. Pelosi had initially said that the House would not approve the short-term doc fix and at a news conference Thursday, she expressed frustration with the Senate, which has failed to act on more than 200 bills already approved by the House. Shortly after Ms. Pelosi’s news conference, Senate Republicans and one Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, filibustered the bill to extend unemployment benefits. Medicare officials had announced on Friday that they would begin processing claims for June at the
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Unformatted text preview: lower rate, raising pressure on the House to accept the short-term adjustment. II. I believe that the congress did the right thing in stopping the cuts from happening to the doctors. Nowadays, people need to get all the money they can from their jobs in case of lay-offs. Unemployment still pays you, but not as much as your real job would. Besides, the money you collect from unemployment won’t be enough to support a family or for that matter even yourself....
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