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I. In Washington on July 7, 2010, President Obama appointed Dr. Donald Berwick  to oversee Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Berwick is an expert on reducing health  care costs. Dr. Berwick’s major credential for the job is that he leads the Institute  for Healthcare Improvement, a consulting group that promotes measures to  improve the quality and safety of health care while reducing its costs. Some  Republican senators have portrayed Dr. Berwick as a proponent of socialized 
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Unformatted text preview: medicine because he has expressed great admiration for Britain’s National Health Service. II. In reading this article, it has said that the Medicare and Medicaid services has been without an administrator since 2006. This is also good for the American people, because with health care cost being reduced by Dr. Berwick, we will be able to buy other things with the money we save from cheaper health care....
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