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Article 7 - Environmental Protection Agency rules relating...

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I. In Washington on July 14, 2010, President Barack Obama and Senate  Democrats have decided to press ahead with a scaled-back energy bill that limits  carbon pollution by power plants for the next two weeks. The developing plan is  intended to appeal to enough Republicans to overcome a filibuster but could  disappoint liberals who argue that more needs to be done. Most Republicans  remain firm in their opposition to any cap on emissions. Six Democrats recently  joined an effort by Senator Lisa Murkowski to pass a resolution criticizing new 
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Unformatted text preview: Environmental Protection Agency rules relating to greenhouse gases. II. With all of the pollution going around in the world, it is good that the president is doing something about it. By reducing the pollution that power plants give off, this will cut down the pollution by a little bit, but a little bit is better than nothing at all. I also heard on the new that the ozone layer is slowly repairing and this will speed things up a little....
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