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Article 9 - contracts while creating a consumer protection...

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I. In Washington On July 21, 2010, President Barack Obama signed a sweeping expansion of federal financial regulation. Within minutes of the bill signing, several Wall Street groups were leveling criticism at the new regulations. Still, Democrats and White House officials were euphoric about passage of the legislation, a response to the 2008 financial crisis that tipped the nation into the worst recession since the Great Depression. The law subjects more financial companies to federal oversight and regulates many derivatives
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Unformatted text preview: contracts while creating a consumer protection regulator and a panel to detect risks to the financial system. II. This is a good bill in which it will help regulate the financial crisis we are in today. Doing this will get the economy back up from the recession we have been in for a few years now. This will also hopefully get jobs back up and running for the unemployment who have been waiting for quite a while to find a job....
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