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Article 1 - police department which could then better check...

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I. In Washington D.C. on July 9 2010, The U.S. Supreme Court undermined Chicago’s ban on hand guns due to fact that this goes against the second amendment. Several days afterwards, Chicago issued another handgun restriction, which crossed the line for the Supreme Court. Then on July 12, a group of gun dealers sued the city to overturn the new law. Cities and states have a need to be extremely tough in limiting access to guns, but they need to do it with more forethought than went into the Chicago ordinance. Chicago would have been better off allowing gun sales under the strict oversight of the
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Unformatted text preview: police department, which could then better check the backgrounds and movements of every buyer and seller. II. I think that Chicago went excessively far in trying to get a limitation on handguns within their city. They need to think of a better strategy in order to not get the Supreme Court to come in and stop the ban. They could just have the police department sell the guns and they could run background checks on everybody that buys a gun....
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