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Article 2 - Ms Kagans account of her involvement II I think...

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I. In Washington on July 24, 2010, Elena Kagan’s confirmation to the Supreme  Court is certain with a full Senate vote expected soon. Seven Republican  members of the Senate Judiciary Committee pressed Ms. Kagan to promise that  she would recuse herself from any challenges to the new health care law. The  most common reasons seem to be financial or familial conflicts and participation  in the case as a lower court judge. Some critics said they were skeptical about 
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Unformatted text preview: Ms. Kagans account of her involvement. II. I think that this is good for a new person to be confirmed into the U.S. Supreme court, because she can bring new ideas and be a judge that is fair and doesnt discriminate against anyone who steps into the courthouse. I think that the senate is making a very wise decision to put her into the supreme court....
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