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I. On San Diego, California on July 5, 2010, some elders of Native American tribes believe that if a landfill is built in Medicine Rock, a spirit called the Takwic, will wreak havoc around the world. The plan calls for a 380-acre landfill surrounded by 1,330 acres of open space. Nancy Chase said that ethno histories do document the belief that Takwic has visited the mountain, but they say his gaze was east, not west toward the canyon. If he were to look east, Chase said, he would see the casino and hotel
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Unformatted text preview: and said the Takwick would be appalled. II. I believe that the Native American tribes are right about not letting them build a landfill in Medicine Rock. As Nancy said, if Takwick looked towards the hotel and casino, he would be appalled. She is saying this because she is using their logic for her selfish desire to build that landfill in a sacred place....
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