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Article 3 - on the law with several recent surveys...

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I. In Washington on August 4, 2010, reporter Noam N. Levey stated that Missouri voters approved a ballot measure challenging the new law's requirement that Americans buy health insurance starting in 2014. C.C. Swarens stated that there is just a backlash against everything Washington right now. Opposition to the law has remained particularly intense among Republicans, with nearly 8 in 10 in a recent national USA Today/Gallup survey saying it was a bad thing. Public opinion in general remains divided
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Unformatted text preview: on the law, with several recent surveys suggesting that support may be inching up even as substantial numbers of Americans still favor repealing all or part of it. II. I believe that the government should make Americans required to get healthcare because it is very important unless you want to pay a lot. I think that is was unnecessary of Missouri to make this something that the people must vote on because everyone needs health insurance and it should be required to have it....
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