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History 1301 United States History I COURSE INFORMATION Credits: 3 semester hours Prerequisites: none Instructor: Professor Peggy Lambert Phone: 281-312-1480 (Please leave a message); Fax: 281-312-1577 Email: Peggy.Lambert@lonestar.edu Office hours: May term: by appointment; Summer I: 9-10:30 am and by appointment; Summer II: by appointment Chair Social Science: Steve Davis - steve.davis@lonestar.edu; phone 281-312-1645 Dean BTSS Division: Elizabeth Chapman - echapman@lonestar.edu; phone 281-312-1670 Department Counselor; Sharon Kenemore - Sharon.Kenemore@lonestar.edu; phone 281- 312-1574 Professor Response Time: When communicating with the instructor, students can expect 24 - 48 hours response time. (The normal response time is usually much shorter; however, this is the guideline). "When I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, I look back. A page of history is worth a volume of logic." Oliver Wendell Holmes History 1301 provides a survey of U.S. history from the Age of Discovery through Reconstruction. Special emphasis will be on the American Revolution, the formation of a republic under the U.S. Constitution, westward expansion and the Civil War. History is a subject, which enables man to grasp a relationship with the past and then proceed forward with some sense of security. As well as serving this end, history may also be read for amusement, for its richness, or for its drama. History is not static nor is it drab. It is alive in many ways, constantly being reborn as mankind changes its perspective. Thus, while the best history endures over the years, each generation has to rewrite its own view of the past for its own purposes. In order to be successful in this course, students need to be self-motivated and conscientious. While the instructor is available for help, students are essentially undertaking a voyage into the American past with only a map to follow. Good luck on your journey!
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Learning Outcomes for HIST 1301 Explain the factors contributing to the beginning of the European Age of Discovery and assess the impact of the contact and interchange between the New and Old World. Trace the patterns of settlement and social, political, and economic developments in colonial North America. Analyze the factors leading to the American Revolution, describe the events of the Revolution, and consider the nature of the Revolution and its impact upon the people who lived through it. Trace the social, political, and economic developments during the Federalist period. Account for the movement to change from the Articles of Confederation to a stronger, more nationally oriented government. Analyze the principles considered and incorporated into the Constitution, and account for
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HIST 1301 Syllabus - History1301 UnitedStatesHistoryI...

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