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Usman Ansari 08/10/2010 E316K – Assignment 3 Assignment 3: Building the American Nation Part A: Identification 1.) The authors of this quote are the African American slave petitioners in Massachusetts of the late eighteenth century, and the title of the work is ‘Black Petitions for Freedom’. This quote refers to the African Americans that were being imported to the New World and sold to become slaves for the rest of their lives against their own will. The significance of this quote comes from the fact that African Americans should have had equal rights as those of the white man from the start since they were forced to come to a ‘free country’, or the New World, and they never offered their services to anyone. They had been abused, torn away from their families, and stripped of their natural rights and yet their requests for equality and freedom very much resembled the requests of the New England Colonies for Independence from Great Britain during the late eighteenth century. 2.) The author of this quote is Benjamin Franklin, and the title of the work is ‘The Autobiography’. This quote refers to one of the thirteen virtues Franklin speaks of when he questions how one can obtain moral perfection. Franklin is concerned with his pride because his Quaker friend told him that he lets his pride show a little too frequently during conversations. Franklin became determined to change himself, thus he did not want to brag about the reality of the virtue, which was his overbearing and insolent conversations, but he wanted to focus rather on the appearance of the virtue, which he was familiar of about himself because he would never be satisfied with being on the right side in a conversation. 3.) The author of this quote is Thomas Jefferson, and the title of the work is ‘The Declaration of Independence as Adopted by Congress’. Great Britain’s King kept showing more and more acts of tyranny towards the people of the new colonies, restricting their unalienable rights and increasingly taking away their freedom. The people of the colonies had eventually seen enough and the majority decided to permanently sever their ties and all relations with Great Britain, formally declaring independence of the colonies. The interesting part of this quote is that it states that ‘all men are created equal….’, but yet this document did not free the African American slaves or provide them with any of those unalienable rights, even though Thomas Jefferson’s original intent while drafting the Declaration was to outlaw slavery.
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E 316K Assignments - Usman Ansari E316K Assignment 3...

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