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Usman Ansari 08/05/2010 E316K – Assignment 2 Assignment 2: The Literature of Colonial America Part A: Identification 1.) The author of this quote is B. from the work titled ‘Some Miscellany Observations On Our Present Debates In a Dialogue Between S. and B.’. This quote refers to the witchcraft accusations that were being made among people who were thought to be doing evil works for Satan in the world, the time period was from the middle to late seventeenth century in New England. The significance in this quote comes from the fact that many innocent people, especially women, were accused of witchcraft and eventually hung and executed, despite having no real proof or evidence of witchcraft actions against them. I believe people may have accused others of witchcraft during this time period for many reasons, such as jealousy of others who were more wealthier or prosperous than themselves, or differences in religious beliefs such as the mass controversy among Puritans in that time period and how they refrained from allowing the ideas of people of any different religious belief to enter their societies. 2.) The author of this quote is John Winthrop, and the title of the work is ‘A Model of Christian Charity’. This quote refers to the Puritans who are seeking freedom from religious persecution by the Englanders who were becoming more and more Roman Catholic during the time period. John Winthrop and the Puritans believed that if they could follow and obey God’s orders, and love each other just as they love their Lord, they would receive God’s blessings more than ever and lead successful lives in the new land. This quote also shows John Winthrop’s leadership words, in which we are able to see how much authority he had in the Puritan group and how he spoke, sort of like a preacher delivering a sermon. 3.) The author of this quote is Mary Rowlandson, and the title of the work is ‘A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson’. This quote refers to how tired and restless Mary Rowlandson had become in the hands of the Indians who had captured her. She had waited so long thinking time after time that someone, perhaps the English Army, would come to save her, or perhaps that she may be able to run away at any moment, but seeing the Indians and remembering their torturous methods toward her people when her house was being burned down made her refrain. Even after all the horrors afflicted upon her, she still kept her faith in her God and the scriptures, and she
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Ansari2 - Usman Ansari E316K Assignment 2 Assignment 2 The...

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