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Usman Ansari 08/12/2010 E316K – Assignment 4 Assignment 4: Freedom, Frontier, and Fantasy Part A: Identification 1.) The author of this quote is Tecumseh in a speech made to the governor of the Indiana territory during that time. The title of the work is ‘Words of Tecumseh’. The Indian lands were being sold to Americans by Indian chiefs who did not even own the land, and the Americans had the desire to claim rights to all Indian property to expand America, no matter how they had to achieve it. The Indians felt that they had a right to unite as one by bringing all the tribes that were spread out over separate tracts of land and they had the right to decide the fate of their land, and they should not have to relinquish those rights because a few Indian chiefs proposed to sell the land for their own personal good. The Americans also made promises to the Indians to treat them well and with respect, but in the Indian’s eyes they never lived up to any of those promises. 2.) The author of this quote is Andrew Jackson, and the title of the work is ‘Message to Congress’ within the work ‘Native Americans and “Westward the Course of Empire”’. This quote refers to the belief of Manifest Destination in the early nineteenth century that America was destined to expand across the North American Continent from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, removing the Indian tribes slowly by expansion westward. The Democrats under the Jacksonian Democracy promoted this idea even further, and later as a means to wage war against Mexico in the 1840’s. The whites believed that they were the superior race and it was their fate to take over the new lands, no matter which people stood in their paths. They also believed that the savage-like Indians and the civilized Americans would not be able to coexist with their separate identities in the same country. 3.) The author of this quote is Angelina Grimke, and the title of the work is ‘Appeal to the Christian Women of the South’. This quote refers to the bondage of African Americans as slaves. Angelina makes the point that women have a great influence over the men of the nation that make the laws and by following four simple rules they can help overthrow slavery. The four rules are to read, pray, speak and act on the subject. The significance of this quote is that it comes from a white woman who was the daughter of a wealthy slaveholder during the early years of the new nation. She witnessed the horrifying acts of slavery firsthand and realized that she could make a difference by speaking out to the women all around the nation, especially those who were in similar positions as her. 4.)
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Ansari4 - Usman Ansari E316K Assignment 4 08/12/2010...

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