chapter02 terms

chapter02 terms - Operational controls Penetration testing...

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Management of Information Security 2-1 Chapter 2 Key Terms Analysis phase Attack Bottom-up approach Business continuity planning (BCP) Champion Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Contingency planning (CP) Control Data custodians Data owners Data users Disaster recovery planning (DRP) Ethical hackers Event-driven Exploit Feasibility analysis Implementation phase Incident response planning (IRP) Information security policy Investigation phase Joint Application Development (JAD) Logical design phase Maintenance phase Managerial controls Methodology Mission statement
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Unformatted text preview: Operational controls Penetration testing Physical design phase Physical security Plan-driven Red teams Risk analysis Risk assessment Risk management Safeguard Security education, training, and awareness (SETA) Security Managers Security systems development life cycle (SecSDLC) Security technicians Strategy Structured review Systems development life cycle (SDLC) Technical controls Threat Threat agent Tiger teams Top-down approach Values statement Vision statement Vulnerability White-hat hackers Principles of Information Security 1-2...
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chapter02 terms - Operational controls Penetration testing...

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