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RT255a - t t 0 What is the MRM SYSTEM MRM stands tor the...

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Unformatted text preview: t t . 0 What is the MRM SYSTEM? MRM stands tor the Mitsubishi Chemical Rapid Molding System. This mold production method does not require high precision machine tools as with conventional metal mold production. The technology ot direct transleral trom the master model allows high dimension precision, and the system makes possible large reductions in mold production costs and time. 9 A New image -Totally New Composite Mold Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. has established new high quality (durability. heat resistance. dimension precision. workability improvements), epoch-making technology in molds ior plastic molding. through development at new materials and the MFtM system. '21 Features of the MRM System (1) Optimum lor use in molds tor plastic prototypes and small lot production. (2) The system makes possible large reductions in cost and delivery time. MFlM system costs are about 1/2 those or conventional metal molds. and delivery time is 1/3 to 1/2. (3) Wide range at applications General purpose plastics such as polypropylene. polyethylene. polystyrene and others can be used as molding materials. and engineering plastics molding ol ABS. POM. PC. PA. PET. FPS and others also is made possible. Possible shapes range lront small precision gears to car bumpers As a mold tor plastic molding. it Is appropriate tor injecting . blow. vacuum and RIM molding. (4) Design changes and repair possible Because Iransteral technology is used. design changes and repair can be carried out through partial modification oi the master model. Modifications are also possible through direct work on the mold. ..__.J _._...' ..J . Special Mold Production Process Established Using New Materials! 9 Example of MRM System Mold . Mold Production Equipment i W§fifimefl BOR‘S COMPANY LTD. ii. iii it i ii‘r 8 iii; A (ionisatttasare U) 8A TUNG FONG STREET. KOWl.OON. HONG KONG. (YAL‘ MA TEi MTR STATION) - $€§iTELl2277i 9811, 2384 9713 . Maid Production Process Mum "rod-t selling mint-t rru'r'm m Bins! memo: Dry-r Min: v-nm messing me. nap-mu- hr Ga. Pm (Center console. ABS) e. _ . i?- ‘iflc(FAX)'2383 99i8 6 Comparisons of Molds ' MHM s stem Mass production Aluminum alloy I Zinc alloy Silicon rubber Mu ds molds molds mold: molds Production oasis (in at mass A O O Q 9")de M5) 0 Production days (m at mus A O O O . mien molds) , 0 Production amount no -1a,aoo pin-r) Q 0 O A J O . Molding mlieriais (nimr I: am... O O O A ruins) Q EXCELLENT 0 GOOD A wrznton 5;) Example of Made-up Products (Car components. PP) cor-Dream t ‘eemmmm fixation... Mixer u." ’ § rmrmme or," not our Gal- m mam 1mmrm Dryer ‘ 0mm MN»: . rm mm ...
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