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RT262 - 4 51.1""(J A nnlulflaskis l‘l(5 M r ld...

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Unformatted text preview: 4.. 51.1"". (J) A nnlulflaskis , l‘l _ (5) M! r ld n“ vi Nb) II ' Idvu‘ufi‘l‘d ' “mud arm-ml [he (4) Flask I! II ad will] In- I ma l . c a n um um I e (7) Mold malmal i, l I vulmcnl mnlnl slurry In: “I nml xlvicd. wilh lmlnl by "Why. bmken nwny from pallenl c us cr pnllerns an: Incllcd nxcssllm vacuum, timing! l g cm oI'muId or annuity] ' l'mca INVESTMENT I‘LASK CASTING TO SHIPPING I) Wu or plnslic is Injcclul (2) Fallen“ llc uml inlo die In mnkc l pnllcm I" I :cnlral 1PM: (I) Caslings at: rzmnvcd [mm mm: and sale nub: your“! all (l) Pnuurn cluslcrs are (4) Rcrmcwry [min I: (5) Mia! mold mnlcrial (6) Ho! molds In: filled (7, Muld mnluill i1 dipped in cumuic :il’lcd onlo conlcd In; «I and dricd will: malnl by smvily. broken away from 31“", pnllcrm, mm 3 pnucrns arc mulled ntcuur: vacuum. “in“, and 4 an: IBDCIIICLI null ol'muld or :cnlriruaal fora: scvtrnl llmu In uhlnin Llefiml xllcll Illlcknm INVI'ZS'I'MIENT SI |Iil.l. CASTING :igure 7-i. Basic production techniques for inveslmenl casting {churl‘esy American Foundrymen's Sociely, Inc.). QuickCasl 2.0 uses a hexagonal grid To build weaker pafierns Thal will bum OUT of lnveslmenT-casling shells more easily. J ...
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