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RT304 - Figure 3 Rib-grid to lock in backfill material...

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Unformatted text preview: Figure 3. Rib-grid to lock in backfill material. Figure 5. Backfilling mold inserts with a metal filled epoxy. Table 1. Examples of plastics successfully molded in Cm -er Pol mide mold inserts. Material Melting Processing Temperature, Temperature EC EC Polyethylene Tm122—137 175—260 m Polypropylene (PP) Tm 160—175 190—285 m 10—40% talc filled PP Tm 158 - 168 175 — 285 40% glassfilled PP Tm 168 m 30—150 ABS (medium impact) Tg 102—115 200—275 40—300 Figure 4. Finishing of the mold surface with sanding cloth. ...
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