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RT420 - All!“ W Maid Flinn Castaldo® Moldmatic® Mold...

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Unformatted text preview: All!“ W Maid Flinn Castaldo® Moldmatic® Mold Frames CAST ALDO" Moldmatlc“ Mold Frames are precision engineered for use with CAST/\LDO® Ready Made MoldsTM. Each mold frame can produce molds up to 1 1/2" I 38 mm thick. CASTALDOa Moldmatlc‘” Mold Frames are available in three sizes: Small 1 Single Cavity 1 7/8“ x 2 7/8" 48 mm x 73 mm Small I Double Cavity 2 X1 7/8' x 2 7/8' 46 mm x 73 mm Medium 2 3/8" x 3' 60 mm x 75 mm Large 2 7/8' x 3 3/8“ 70 mm x 85 mm Mold frames not designed for this system will not produce proper results. Sold Individually. Attractively boxed. For more details, see the Moldmatic® Instructions packed in each box of Ready Made MoldsTM, or reler to our technig bulletin. Item 700 likwnfilmwmyenglumrmmm : Custom Mai ‘99 flirJ/IEllumHu/uiiwmldmuk. The Castaldo® Moldmatic® System A Revolution in Mold Making Easy -— Simple -- Fast Almost Automatic! Never Pack a Mold Frame Again! Never Cut Mold Locks Again! Reduces Mold Making Time 50% New CASTALDO® Ready Made Molds are the closest thing to automatic mold makingl Merely remove the protective liner at the center of the maid, insert the model and vulcanizel Mold locks are pre-fomied and separate automatically after vulcanization. The center of the mold is vulcanized and cut normally to allow total control and design freedom. - Mold locks are pie-manufactured. - Protective cloth keeps model area clean and ready for use. 0 Mold locks are made automatically during vulcanization. CASTALDO® Moldmatico Ready Made Molds are available in the following sizes: Small Medium Large 1 7/8" x 2 7/8" x 3/ " 2 3/ " x 3" x 3/ " 2 7/8" x 3 3/8" x 3/4" 48mm x 73mm x19mm 60mm x 75mm x 19mm 70mm x 85mm x 19mm CASTALDO® Moidmatico Ready Made Molds are sold in boxes of 10 along with ten extra pieces of rubber of the appropriate size so that any thickness mold can be made. Sold in full canons only of 10 boxes (total count 100 molds per carton). CASTALDOa9 Moldmatic” Mold Frames. The CASTALDO” Moidmatic” system depends on the extreme precision of the CASTALDO® Moldmatic® mold frame to form mold locks automatically. Mold frames not designed for use with the CASTALDO” Moldmatic® System will not produce satisfactory results. ...
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