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RT450 - Spin Casting A variation on the opaque silicone RTV...

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Unformatted text preview: Spin Casting A variation on the opaque silicone RTV rubber process is available from Tekcast industries, Inc.6 The tools generated in this process are made from vulcanized rubber, with several models located radially in a disc-shaped tool. When the tool is produced, it is possible to cast polyurethane or zinc—based alloys. To aid filling, the tool is rotated so that centrifugal force pressurizes the cavity. This is an excel- lent process for forming small zinc castings that will be ultimately manufactured in large quantities by die casting. '1; am: 01 mm m} omssaJd pm: :uaq Japun pozyucaym Apes: s! p[O!U 3!“ pm: u; 110 punt} ’1 2.4113111 in pun palmdo s; mow Jaqqm pawn-31m 311.1. y (his '31:“ flunxnd 3:11 J0 uomzao: aq: pun com mo-pauvza aq; our; at" [0.111103 01 ponubu s; Sugmg not}: 95 .13qu mm. 'posop s; prom pan“! 5} um] sq] JO [apoux v '9 6:15 11,, arm-Aund 10 51min] aldmnux sq; Join as mu mow qoza ow; mm; pmzmnsuoa 5! ppm mu, '1 (has me mum pm: ‘saiufiug ‘muds mu pct/urn punq s! Ammo aq; '3 days mom: of.“ ow! Arman 5:13 [apoux ssampgqj at”. 3:)qu auoams “38mg 5' n. n n n -1 B ._. :3 n a. 0‘ .4 5- n m- E n O ... .— 5' fl 5 {A .3 noxian‘v ...
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