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RT482 - Power req'd 230/460V,3P 18.6/9.3 amps 7kw Use 4...

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Unformatted text preview: Power req'd. 230/460V,3P 18.6/9.3 amps, 7kw Use 4 wire, 20 amp Clean Dry Air ‘ Constant Pressure Required “AVA Arc Spray “830 Gun TAFA Precision Regulator 1/16 Wire on 25 1b.reels FNll-OO? or 500 1b. payoff packs TAF‘A Filter Fl2—6O 5/8" i.d. Flexible Hose AIR REGULATION i Al 1 J v L'I at 7!] psi Paint Spray Booth 250 fpm Inlet Velocity I/2” IPS Supply Pipe for Air Supply CONTROLS. POWER UNIT AIR SUPPLY { N i, [198 TYPICAL INSTALLATION TAFA ARC SPRAY MOLD MAKING SYSTEM (Sum 2 TWO FEED WIRES ...
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