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Unformatted text preview: Introduction To Legal Study Robert Friedenthal UWLA Student #: 37630 Baxter vs. Superior Court of Los Angeles County Citation. 19 Cal.3d 461 (Cal. 1977) FACTS: In August of 1970, Andre Baxter, aged 16, entered Huntington Memorial Hospital and was given a general anesthetic in preparation for diagnostic procedures and possible surgery. As a result of the anesthetic, he was rendered unconscious and remained comatose for four months, during which time he underwent fourteen separate neurosurgeries. Upon awakening, it was discovered that he had been reduced to the mental age of three, suffered total blindness and severe impairment of his hearing, and partial paralysis of his right side. In November of 1974 Andre and his parents filed suit against the hospital and the attending physicians. Their second amended complaint asserts four causes of action. The first cause of action alleged injury to and sought damages on behalf of Andre for medical malpractice; the second sought damages on behalf of Andre's parents, Margaret and Theodore, for expenses they incurred as a result of the alleged...
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