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Hello Michelle, I do like your post I am in full agreement with your point of view , as well as your thoughts of immigrants have shaped the history of the United States of America. Also, the facts that immigrants encourage national economic growth which dose help the national deficit, and all citizens of United States of America. In addition Michelle, most people argue earlier that a 10 percent rise in immigration lowers native wages by up to 1 percent, or possibly $44 billion per year. However, these wage reductions don't just disappear. To the extent that immigrants provide low-cost labor, either more income accrues to the employers, or cost reductions are passed on to the consumer. Therefore, the host economy benefits by an equal amount that native workers lose from the cheap labor of the immigrants. In other words, the $44 billion is simply
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Unformatted text preview: redistributed to other people in the economy, and the net effect washes out. But the gains from the low wages go beyond the $44 billion from lower wages. The goods produced by immigrant workers also generate additional profits for employers because they are able to sell more of their products at the lower price. As a result Michelle this supports our point of view. For this reason, what takes away from the United States of America economy is companies and business outsourcing cheap labor for more profit to other countries. This leads to lose of jobs for immigrants and the American people this in turn decreases the national economic growth. Nevertheless, this is a big factor but not the only factor that indeed contributes to this topic. I do wish to know your views? Thank you again, your classmate David A*...
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