Chapter 14 SG - Chapter 14 Blending Hypothesis- idea that...

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Chapter 14 Blending Hypothesis- idea that genetic material from mother and father mixes in a manner analogous to blue and yellow green paint Particulate Hypothesis- the “gene idea” where parents pass heritable units, genes , that retain separate identities in offspring Gregor Mendel- Augustinian monk referred to as the epitome or genesis of modern genetics where he studied pea plant traits in garden Character- a heritable feature that varies among individuals (i.e. flower color of Mendel’s pea plants) Trait- variant for a character (i.e. purple vs. white flowers) True-Breeding- mating that results with offspring of same variety as parents (i.e. flowers self-pollinating) Hybridization- crossing of two true-breeding varieties (P gen=parental, F 1 =hybrid offspring, F 2 =hybrids’ offspring) Allele- alternative versions of a gene Dominant Allele- determines organism’s appearance Recessive Allele- has no noticeable effect on organism’s appearance but has a chance of passing and expressing it in next generation Law of Segregation- two alleles for a heritable character separate during gamete formation and end up in different gametes Punnet Square- diagrammatic device for predicting the allele composition of offspring between individuals of known genetic makeup Homozygous- having pair of identical alleles for a character a. Dominant- all caps (i.e. DD ) b. Recessive- all small (i.e. dd ) Heterozygous- having two different alleles for a gene (i.e. Dd ) Phenotype- an organism’s expressed traits Genotype- an organism’s genetic makeup
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Chapter 14 SG - Chapter 14 Blending Hypothesis- idea that...

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