Chapter 30 SG - Chapter 30 Seed Plants Share 4 Traits-...

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Chapter 30 Seed Plants Share 4 Traits- reduced gametophytes, heterospory, ovules and pollen a. Reduced Gametophytes- allows gametophyte development from spores within sporangia, protecting female egg from UV, obtaining nutrients from sporophyte (egg survival higher reproduction rate) b. Heterospory- megasporophyll megasporangia 1 fem-gam; microsporophyll microsporangia many male-gam c. Ovules Egg- seed plants unique in keeping megaspore within parent sporophyte; egg never leaves (like princess in castle) 1. Integuments - layered tissue that protect megasporangium; gymnosperms have ONE while angiosperms have TWO 2. Ovule - whole structure consisting of megasporangium, megaspore and their integument(s); for female gametophytes d. Pollen Sperm- need to leave parent plant either by wind or animal transport to get to egg (prince need to reach her) 1. Pollen Grains - developed from microspores, are protected by sporopollenin 2. Pollination- the transfer of pollen to seed plant with ovule; no flagellated sperm no water required; adapted from seedless Seed- development of ovule once sperm fertilizes egg; *consists of embryo, food supply, and protective coat from integuments* Can resist harsher environment and disperse offspring widely Multicellular, unlike spore, and can remain dormant until conditions moderate; can germinate with sporophyte embryo seedling Gymnosperm- naked seeds formed into cones (strobili) a. Cycadophyta- 2 nd largest group; has large cones, palm-like leaves; thrived during Mesozoic Era b. Ginkgophyta- smallest group, only has Ginkgo ; aka Maidenhair for deciduous fanlike leaves that turn gold in fall
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Chapter 30 SG - Chapter 30 Seed Plants Share 4 Traits-...

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