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17/08/2010 1 ACCESS-LISTS Listas de Control de Accesos Overview b Network administrators must be able to deny unwanted access to a network and allow authorized users to access necessary services. b Security tools such as b passwords, callback equipment, and physical security devices are helpful. b They often lack the flexibility of basic traffic filters and the specific controls that most administrators prefer. b For example, a network administrator may want to allow users access to the Internet, but not permit external users Telnet access into the LAN. Access - Lists b Routers provide the capability to filter traffic, such as blocking Internet traffic, with access control lists (ACLs). b An ACL is a sequential list of permit or deny statements that apply to addresses or upper-layer protocols. b Standard and extended ACLs s as a way to control network traffic and explain how they are used as part of a security solution. Access Lists b ACLs are lists of conditions used to test network traffic that tries to travel across a router interface. b These lists tell the router what types of packets to accept or deny. b ACLs can be configured at the router to control access to a network or subnet. Introduction b An ACL makes routing decisions based on b source address, b destination address, b protocols, b and upper-layer port numbers. ACL’s
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Access%20Lists - 17/08/2010 Overview Network administrators...

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