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ACCT3104 14,15

ACCT3104 14,15 - [ACCT3104...

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[ACCT3104] MANAGERIAL COSTING AND CONTROL (ST LUCIA AND IPSWICH). SEMESTER 2, 2009 (ACCT3104S_5960IPX) > ASSESSMENT > QUIZZES > TAKE ASSESSMENT: QUIZ 1_TOPIC 3 Take Assessment: QUIZ 1_Topic 3 Name QUIZ 1_Topic 3 Instructions Please select the most appropriate answer to the following 10 mulitple choice questions. You have 30 minutes to select your answers, save them and submit. A total of 3 attempts will be allowed for each quiz component however each download of a new attempt removes the previous mark/attempt. Timed Assessment This Test has a 30 minute timer.The elapsed time appears at the top right of the window. A 1 minute warning will be displayed. Multiple Attempts This Test allows 3 attempts. This is attempt number 2. Force Completion This Test can be saved and resumed later. Question Completion Status: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Question 1 0.1 points Save Which purpose of cost allocation is used to encourage sales representatives to push high-margin products or services? to provide information for economic decisions to motivate managers and other employees to justify costs or compute reimbursement
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