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Survey Questions_Colin Fleming

Survey Questions_Colin Fleming - Colin Fleming Project...

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Colin Fleming October, 6, 2009 Project – Group A Survey Questions H1N1 and the Monetary Effects on Business Monetary effect on prevention, preparation and looking after the H1N1 virus Survey questions directed to various CEO’s and my companies’ CFO: What resources, if any, have you dedicated to this threat? o Director of Corporate Services for Credit Suisse, Nat Mohan says their IT department has been working feverishly in providing remote access to anyone who can work from home. (CBS) o Companies have not placed much information regarding the preparation/resource allocation on the internet. Is a formal plan in place for the prevention of an outbreak? o Credit Suisse has placed hand sanitizers throughout their headquarters and allocated additional budget to the company’s medical center. (CBS) As this outbreak’s strength is unknown, how scalable is your plan? o Depending on the flu strain and based on previous pandemics, public health officials project
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