MGT 126- Homework Week 2

MGT 126- Homework Week 2 - write a letter, clarifying the...

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Colin Fleming - MGT 126 1 Do you think that Mr. Boyle should take Regal’s past performance record into consideration? Why or why not? I do not believe that Regal’s past performance record should be taken into consideration, as a customer in this situation is not likely to consider anything but the current blunder at hand. 2 What listening skills addressed in this chapter should you use in this situation? Why? Certainly the CSR should listen with empathy and be sure to avoid arguing. This was clearly Regal’s fault and they will need to roll out the red carpet to continue having Mr. Boyle as a client. 3 What can you possibly do or say that might resolve this situation positively? It certainly is difficult to respond to this unfortunate situation appropriately, I would offer to
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Unformatted text preview: write a letter, clarifying the situation and the mistakes that were made. An offer for free or discounted services may be the only method of keeping the customer. 4 Based on information provided, how would you have reacted in this situation if you were Mr. Boyle? Why? While you can understand that mistakes are occasionally made, this was done out of carelessness and a lack of appropriate management. I would be furious and demand a clarification of the mistake. 5 If you were Mr. Boyle, what could be done or said to convince you to continue to do business with Regal? With the pricing the way it is, this may be the last straw, but an apology from the owner showing true sorrow and a genuine appreciation for my business may help with the situation....
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