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Colin Fleming MGT 179 Week 1 2) What kinds of companies might not be able to utilize UTC-like programs to attract and retain employees? Do these companies have other options available to them? Lower-end companies with typically high turn-over rate, for example, McDonalds would not likely be able to utilize such a program as a college assistance program would likely enable employees to receive positions with other companies able to offer higher wage positions. Companies such as McDonalds can offer other complimentary Human Resources Policies and Practices such as Management training. 3) How can companies that implement programs like these make certain that they are worth the investment? Companies looking to ensure ROI in a program like this could enforce a minimum stay within the company or enable incentives to recent graduate
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Colin Fleming MGT 179 Week 1 Identify the 3 issues, which have had the most impact on your workplace. Defend your answer using specific examples.
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Unformatted text preview: My workplace is quite small (<20 employees) and thus there is not much effort put into Human Resources, which can cause a strain on productivity. 1. Implementing an Instant Messaging platform has really helped with inter-office communication. This has reduced “finger pointing” as there is additional documentation of work requests, etc. 2. The lack of Employee reviews and company meetings has an extremely negative impact on employee knowledge and leads to a disconnect within the company. We consistently end up the day of a project due, with conflicting information, much of it self-created as a result of poor leadership and communication. 3. The company does not support, or at least appear interested in an appropriate work-life balance, consistently positioning events and meetings at times typically reserved for family or personal activities. (i.e. Meeting scheduled for New Years Day)...
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Colin-Fleming-MGT-179-Week-1 - My workplace is quite small...

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