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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy - YOU” Social Media Align Social...

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Marketing Strategy Mission Statement: To be the leading wellness beverage provider using innovative and sustainable techniques. Plan Objectives: The initial goal is to secure the placement in retailers. We will do this by using our relationship with Red Bull and it’s subsidiaries to sign the targeted retailers and product placement scenarios. Once the retailers are secured, Midnight Sheep will begin its promotional stages aimed at introducing the product to the masses: Advertising : o Create fictional character “The most relaxed man in the world” – a o Additionally, there will be a separate campaign in the more conservative publications and television ads. The tag line is: “Midnight Sheep The key to a new
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Unformatted text preview: YOU” Social Media: Align Social marketing strategies • Facebook group offering special coupons to “Fan’s Only” • Twitter feed offering relaxation & Yoga tips daily Brand Positioning: In order to not compete with the parent company, Red Bull, Midnight Sheep will specifically target to 25-65 Working Adult demographic. Designed to activate relaxation and calmness, the product is focused on the working adult as an after work beverage. Financial Objectives: Red Bull has allocated approximately $11 Million Dollars for our initial year of Marketing. The objective is to use our introductory marketing to gain enough sales and market penetration to be financially independent by 2011....
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Marketing Strategy - YOU” Social Media Align Social...

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