HW - BUSE140 - 3.31.09

HW - BUSE140 - 3.31.09 - Homework Colin Fleming B use 140 3...

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Homework Colin Fleming Buse 140 3. Katherine mailed Paul an offer stating that it was good for 10 days. Two days later, she mailed Paul another letter stating that the original offer was revoked. That evening Paul phoned Katherine to say he accepted the offer. She said that he could not because she had mailed him a letter of revocation that he would undoubtedly receive in the next morning’s mail. Was the offer revoked by Katherine? No the offer was not revoked as the mailed offer was sent as good for 10 days and therefore was still valid at the time of acceptance. 4. Nelson wanted to sell his home. Baker sent him a written offer to purchase the home. Nelson made some changes to Baker’s offer and wrote him that he, Nelson, was accepting the offer as amended. Baker noti ed f Nelson that he was dropping out of the transaction. Nelson sued Baker for breach of contract. Decide. What social forces and ethical values are involved? [Nelson v Baker, 776 SW2d 52 (Mo App)] Nelson, sent a counter offer by making adjustments to Baker’s original offer, therefore a full acceptance would be needed from Baker. He has full right to decline the offer and therefore was fully within his rights. The ethical values shown by Nelson were not correct, as there was an adjustment, which was not
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HW - BUSE140 - 3.31.09 - Homework Colin Fleming B use 140 3...

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