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English 10050 Victor Marotta Paper #3 October 23 rd , 2007 TAKE A LOOK AMERICA For over two hundred years the word America has represented hope, opportunity, freedom, and a second chance . Once a foreigner steps foot on American soil he has left the economic and social constraints of their previous homeland behind . An enthusiasm to work hard and preparedness to bear the risks of ones own decisions are the keys to success in this country, or so what is advertised . As Lewis Lapham demonstrated in his writing “Who and What Is American?,” the promotion of the United States being all high and mighty cannot be justified through our current or past conditions . However, the story “Facing the Village,” depicted a Chinese family with daughter Lenore Look that took a trip back to a run down village of the fathers past that helped reveal their identity . Although It might from a distance appear as though Lapham would not acknowledge any sort of revelation the Look family had, a look closer would illustrate that Lapham would understand and even advocate such a self discovery based on the past . Only through a reflection of our past and an understanding of our present conditions can we strive for a better future . The problem that Lapham implies is that the majority of Americans dwell on the past, which in turn greatly limits what we can accomplish in our future . Lapham’s “Who and What Is American?,” constantly refers to the idea of the “past” and the restrictions it brings on the American people . Before the concept of the past is clarified, lets
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first take a look out the present . Our nation is full of corrupt politicians that preach conformity, being absolutely contrary to what America was founded upon . America’s foundation lies in individuality and self-expression unlike the superficial conformists that are the norm in our present society . It is the past that has created the obstacle that stands in the way of being
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paper#3.. - English 10050 Victor Marotta Paper#3 October...

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