Sarah’s house caught on fire

Sarah’s house caught on...

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Colin Fleming HW-Chapter 15 1. Sarah’s house caught on fre. Through the prompt assistance o± her neighbor Odessa, the fre was quickly extinguished. In gratitude, Sarah promised to pay Odessa $1,000. Can Odessa en±orce this promise? If the promisor merely intends to make a gift to the promisee upon the performance of a condition, the promise is gratuitous and the satisfaction of the condition is not consideration for a contract. 6.Fedun rented a building to Gomer, who did business under the name o± Mike’s Ca±e. Later, Gomer was about to sell the business to Brown and requested Fedun to release him ±rom his liability under the lease. Fedun agreed to do so. Brown sold the business shortly therea±ter. The balance o± the rent due by Gomer under the original lease agreement was not paid, and Fedun sued Gomer on the rent claim. Could he collect a±ter having released Gomer? [Fedun v Mike’s Ca±e, 204 A2d 776 (Pa Super)] There was no consideration and therefore no deal. 7. Alexander Proud±oot Co. was in the business o± devising e±fciency systems ±or
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Sarah’s house caught on...

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