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Latrice Walker BUSN1210 Drop Box 1 1. The idea for Spanx came from Sara Blakely, when she got tired of wearing panty hose with her scandals and she couldn’t find footless panty hose. So she started Spanx and it was a big hit. Spanx is a really good entrepreneurial idea because Sara shopped around and she couldn’t find footless panty hose anywhere, and I am pretty sure she isn’t the only one that would like footless panty hose. 2. Examples of researching the venture’s feasibility is when she shopped around everywhere
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Unformatted text preview: for footless panty hose but she couldn’t find them, researching patents, sketching designs, and hiring the patent attorney. 3. Yes, because you want to be 100% sure that you have no competition. 4. I agree because there were no other companies that made footless panty hose, so technically since she was the first one with the idea she did invent them....
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