AED201 Final-Professional Development Plan

AED201 Final-Professional Development Plan - Professional...

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Professional Development Plan Initially I work though my own issues, I have struggled with a particular area in my personal life **** insert personal struggle here **** , and I do plan to *** insert goals here **** prior to entering my profession in order to prevent my frustrations from reflecting in my classroom. I have been devoted to a “Personal Fitness Plan” from a previous class and I am reaching my goal through fitness and exercise ~ change this for your needs ). These plans are effective and I take them seriously. My nutrition class taught me how my body uses food and water, and because of that class I will succeed with my future classes and life. During the next five years I plan to complete my Bachelors of Arts in Education degree and student teaching process in order to complete my teacher certification. I will dedicate myself to my studies and training to be the best X XXX be for myself as well as my future students. I will be prepared for my Praxis Exams I will search for available job opening in the districts I hope to teach in. I will make myself marketable and be prepared for my interviews, by creating a good resume, through my professional knowledge and experiences, and being timely. I hope to get a job in a desirable school district in order to prevent job searching. I would like to get hired into the school I want to teach in and become a tenured teacher after 5 years. During the next ten years I plan on working and studying hard. I will stay involved in mentor and induction programs to avoid becoming discouraged. I plan on completing my studies for my master’s degree and rank one to work my way up the pay rank scale. My ultimate goal is to create a happy, productive learning environment for my students. I watched my husband pursue this very same goal so I am aware that there will be some frustrations and disappointments. 20 years ago I failed to follow my dream to be a 1
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teacher, and I regretted that decision. I had a successful career and owned and operated my own business for 14 years, but I missed so much in the lives of my older children because I had to work weekends and summers. Upon getting pregnant with my youngest daughter I sold my store and began arranging my life to become a teacher so I would not miss out on any events, or my dream to teach. Therefore, I will stay focused on the original plan of action that began my educational journey to become a teacher during times of discouragement. I know my students are human too and they will have a few bad days, and I want to be encouraging and patient with my class, I want to be the one person they know they can talk to when they need someone. As much as I know I will need my mentors when I am discouraged, I want to offer my students the same engine of hope and support. I would love to increase parent involvement for my students and have the family supporting the educational needs of their children. One of the obstacles that I can foresee is dealing with bad parents and finding an outlet of
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AED201 Final-Professional Development Plan - Professional...

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