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YOU BE THE CONSULTANT – Snow and Soda: A Profitable Mix There is an unlimited amount of useful knowledge and information to gain from any company in any industry. The Crowley family has proved that many times over by borrowing techniques used in their bottling plant (Polar Beverages), applying those to their ski area (Wachusett Mountain), and vice versa. A key factor for the success of both operations is filling unused capacity. An hour of unused or inefficient production time in the bottling plant has the same effect as an hour of unused or inefficient time on the ski slopes. The ski area was able to fill its idle capacity by targeting a number of diversified markets that use the slopes at different times of the day and week. The bottling plant was able to fill its idle capacity by reshaping the size of its bottles to better pack trucks. On the surface, companies in different industries may appear to have little in common. The entrepreneur recognizes the opportunities of technology transfer--applying the
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