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chemistry - pressure problem - We derive the formula PV =...

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We will use the formula PV = nRT to solve the problem. Where. .. P is the pressure V is the volume n is the number of moles R is the ideal gas constant (0.0821 L* atm / mol * K) T is the Kelvin temperature First, we convert the Celsius temperature to Kelvin by adding 273 to the Celsius temperature. So, 26°C in Kelvin is 299K.
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Unformatted text preview: We derive the formula PV = nRT for P. Remember that we're asked for the pressure. Then plug in the values into the equation. P = nRT / V = (0.15*0.0821*299)*10^3/50 = 74 atm pressure in atmospheres 1atm=760 torr The pressure in torr is 56240 torr 1atm=14.6959psi The pressure in psi is 1087.5 psi...
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