Consensual Relationship Agreements83 answered

Consensual Relationship Agreements83 answered - Consensual...

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Consensual Relationship Agreements83 If you put individuals with common interests together for 40-plus hours per week, office romance is bound to happen. Statistics seem to bear that out: According to a survey by, an online career center, 47 percent of the 1,000 professionals surveyed had been involved in an office romance, and another 19 percent would consider it. Of those individuals who had a romance, 11 percent had dated their managers or another manager. “This issue is not going away,” says Helaine Olen, coauthor of Office Mate: The Employee Handbook for Finding—and Managing—Romance on the Job (Adams Media, 2007). It’s crucial, she says, for managers to accept the likelihood of office romance and have policies and procedures in place to address it when it occurs. Most experts warn against forbidding office romance altogether. They see it as futile. “Our experience was if a company tried to forbid it, more people started dating for the thrill of it. It was counter-productive,” Olen says. This is an issue among every employee demographic, not just single 20-somethings, although in her experience members of each group handle the situation differently. For instance, “The average 22-year-old wasn’t concerned about who knew what and when. The older employees were more likely to keep it quiet. But it was still fairly common,” Olen says. Seventy-two percent of companies had no policy regarding
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Consensual Relationship Agreements83 answered - Consensual...

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