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Emerson-Self reliance-answers - agents etc When he runs he...

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Emerson's Self Reliance reads like the Book of Ecclesiastes believed to be penned by King Solomon. In both cases they are a myopic. One that is based on observation and first hand experiences. It is a mortal's view of the circle of life. Emerson's ideal of individuality rises and falls on self. It is pessimistic towards advancement and improvement of civilization and culture. He points to the aborigine's robust frame and the white man's mind. To paraphrase, the white man would die if stricken by the aborigine, if the reverse where true the aborigine would heal. He points to a more dependent weaker mind and body due to the convenience of modernization. In hindsight we have physical abilities that far exceed anyone's expectations of what was once thought to be possible. Take for instance the power and athleticism of Usain Bolt in the individual sport of Track and Field. Is this not self reliance? Please see link below. Bolt must train with others. He must have a team. A trainer, competitors, nutritionist,
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Unformatted text preview: agents etc. When he runs, he runs by himself, but he is a product of teamwork. He is also a sterling example of being motivated by the hope to be the best in the world at what he does. A counterweight to Emerson's thesis. I understand the nonconformity aspect of this essay. I get rugged individualism and self reliance. It is all true to a point. However, it fails miserably like everything else because their can be no silver bullet in life. Obviously the language clues us in that this is a classic written in an age before internet linkages, decisions made in nanoseconds, prior to electronics in the age of a quill and paper. It is a noteworthy relic, we should all have read. Somewhere in our bosom it's words should surface and submerge as truth, but no longer is it possible to live by only self reliance in this age. We are all tied to technology that forces inter-dependence among countries and their citizens. The global economy being one example....
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