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Techniques 1 SWOT Analysis Techniques for Morningstar Bakery Your Name Course/University Instructor Date
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Techniques 2 SWOT Analysis Techniques of Morningstar Bakery Making a decision takes time and critical thinking. A person must analyze the advantages and disadvantages in order to come to a decision. Morningstar Bakery’s objective is to establish a storefront, develop a customer base, and obtain a full menu by the end of the second quarter. These major decisions must be thought out carefully, and analyzed to determine what the best decision will be. This is a decision that the Bakery will have to make. For example, if I were an employee of the Bakery, I may consider a possible advancement in the organization. The problem I would possibly be facing would be facing with Morningstar Bakery is the company is a new business and although the demand for this type of baking product is on the rise, it may not be enough to fulfill my expectations of advancement. I will be using the SWOT analysis to help me in the decision making process. I believe the criteria matrix and the force field analysis would not challenge my decision making skills as I know the SWOT anlaysis will. The criteria matrix would just categorize my thoughts of what I think is good or bad about the company and would not go into detail The force field analysis would look more at the forces of what makes Morningstar Bakery meet a specific goal or what is preventing the company from meeting a goal. The SWOT analysis seems like a better aveneue to take to make my decision.
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SWOT_Analysis_Morningstar_Bakery - Techniques 1 SWOT...

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