11 -- Information Technology I

11 -- Information Technology I - CPA BEC STUDY UNIT 11...

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CPA BEC - STUDY UNIT 11 Information Technology I Core Concepts A. Role of Business Information Systems 1. A business information system is any combination of people, procedures, and computing equipment employed to pursue a business objective. 2. The four major tasks of any information system are input, transformation, output, and storage. 3. A transaction processing system (TPS) captures the fundamental data that reflect the economic life of an organization. 4. A management information system (MIS) typically receives input from a TPS, aggregates it, then reports it in a format useful to middle management in running the business. 5. A data warehouse is a central database for transaction-level data from more than one of the organization’s TPSs. The ability of the data warehouse to relate data from multiple systems makes it a very powerful tool for ad hoc queries. a. A data mart is a subset of an enterprise-wide data warehouse. b. A data warehouse enables data mining , i.e., the search for unexpected relationships between data. 6. A decision support system (DSS) is an interactive system that is useful in solving structured and semistructured problems, that is, those requiring a management decision maker to exercise his or her insight and judgment. A DSS does not automate a decision. 7.
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11 -- Information Technology I - CPA BEC STUDY UNIT 11...

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