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System Analysis and Design/Structured Systems Analysis and Design Multiple Choice Questions 6.1 Structured English is used to describe a. how programs are to be written b. processes in a DFD in a reasonably precise manner c. how DFDs are used in data processing d. data flows in DFD 6.2 Structured English is a a. structured programming language b. description of processes in simple English c. method of describing computational procedures reasonably precisely in English d. natural language based algorithmic language 6.3 The objective of using structured English is to a. describe computational procedures reasonably precisely which can be understood by any user b. expand a DFD so that a user can understand it c. develop algorithms corresponding to processes in a DFD d. ease writing programs for DFDs 6.4 Structured English description of processes (i) should be understandable to a user of a computer based system (ii) should be understandable to a programmer (iii) can be descriptive in nature (iv) should be translatable by a compiler a. i and iii b. ii and iv c. i, ii and iv d. i and ii 6.5 A decision table is a. a truth table b. a table which facilitates taking decisions c. a table listing conditions and actions to be taken based on the testing of conditions V. Rajaraman/IISc. Bangalore M6/V1/July 04/1
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