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System Analysis and Design/Information Gathering Multiple Choice Questions V. Rajaraman/IISc. Bangalore M2/V1/July 04/1 Systems Analysis and Design Life Cycle 2.1 The major goal of requirement determination phase of information system development is a. determine whether information is needed by an organization b. determine what information is needed by an organization c. determine how information needed by an organization can be provided d. determine when information is to be given 2.2 Information requirements of an organization can be determined by a. interviewing managers and users and arriving at the requirements based on consensus b. finding out what similar organizations do c. telling organization what they need based on your experience d. sending a questionnaire to all employees of the organization 2.3 It is necessary to prioritize information requirements of an organization at the requirements determination phase as a. it is always good to prioritize b. there are conflicting demands from users c. there are constraints on budgets, available time, human resource and requirement d. all good organization do it 2.4 Requirement specification is carried out a. after requirements are determined b. before requirements are determined c. simultaneously with requirements determination d. independent of requirements determination 2.5 The role of a system analyst drawing up a requirements specification is similar to a. architect designing a building b. a structural engineer designing a building c. a contractor constructing a building
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