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Lecture 18 Trade and Underwater archaeology-1

Lecture 18 Trade and Underwater archaeology-1 -...

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Unformatted text preview: TradeandUnderwater Archaeology April8,2010 TradeandExchange Archaeologistsstudythemovementandflow ofgoodsasawayofunderstanding interactions Whataresomereasonswhyobjectsmightbe exchanged? Howcanwetellwhensomethinghastraveled somedistancefromitspointoforiginand thereforehasbeeninvolvedinsomekindof exchange? Studydistributionofartifactstotryandestablish patternsofhowthingsmoved TradebySeaandLand Roman road in Pompeii Depiction of an archaic Greek ship on a Kylix Punic War-Era Roman ship from Temple Relief TheCapeGelidonya Wreckc.1220BCE CretanMenBearingGifts TombofRekhmire,Thebes18th Dynasty Uluburun Wreckc.late14th c.BCE TheAntikythera Wreck,80BCE UnderwaterHeritage Whoownsawreck?Whohasrighttoexcavatea wreck? Whatkindsofstandardsforexcavationare appropriateforunderwaterarchaeology? Whowillenforcethesestandards? Whatlawsorconventionsareinplacetogovern theseissues? Lawofsalvageandlawoffinds UNlawoftheseaconvention(1982) UNESCOConventionontheprotectionofunderwater culturalheritage(2001) ...
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